Apple iPhone OS 4

Thank you Apple for releasing OS 4 for my iPhone 3G.  I know you could have left me in the dust and leave me with my plain old 3G.  I know it's now 2 generations behind, but you still support it...not that it was easy to update (as told by the folks complaining that 3G wasn't so smooth).  I had my troubles too, but it's updated now.  If you have an iPhone 3G please know that my secret to the successful update was to do the following:
1- Perform a backup of your phone in iTunes by right clicking on the phone name and selecting "backup".  This can take up to a couple hours if you have the 16GB so expect it to run for a while
- NOTE - to prevent unwanted interruption put your phone in Airplane Mode (in Settings)
2- in iTunes, right click on your phone name on the left and select "Restore" instead of trying to do the update
3- After your restore is finished look in "Settings", then "General", then "About" and you will see the current OS listed there.... That's it!

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